Monday, November 22, 2010

Johns Hopkins: Children's Research Study Center

As the communications coordinator in the Bloomberg School of Environmental Health Sciences, I get to create multiple health related design projects. The center needed several pieces of collateral and I got to put together fact sheets, environmental signage, brochures and a slew of other pieces for them.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

HIV Educational Campaign

This poster is from a series I completed as part of a health education campaign for the Baltimore City Health Department.  The posters targeted young men and women in the city.  I had a lot of fun working on this project and selecting the most relevant imagery.

Conceptual Design: Eubie Blake Cultural Center

This is my take on the identity redesign.  The graphic shown here is a conceptual stationery set for this historical and beneficial center for the arts in Baltimore.

Brochure: A work in Progress, Literally!

I'm currently working on a 28-page booklet that outlines the programs, work, and impact of the Environmental Health Sciences department.  This is the center spread (in production). I love designing multi-page spreads, selecting the right images that support the story of the piece, and then finally getting the finished product in hand. There's something so fulfilling about opening a box from the printer and handling your design. It still thrills me.

One great thing about this particular project is that, when complete, it'll live in printed form and also in an electronic downloadable form for students, educators, faculty and staff to access at their convenience.

Poster Design: Thanks Interns

In Environmental Sciences we have several interns who help keep the department running smoothly.  In addition to carrying full course loads, these grad students work with us in our offices, on research projects, and all over campus.  This design was part of our 'thank you' to them last year.  

I got to create a fun and apropos  vector graphic and then personalize the poster further with some simple image masks.  I also selected the quote.  Interns are great! I'm working on a brand new design concept for this year's group right now.

Logo Design for Symposium

I got a chance to do some fun composition work in Photoshop in this logo.  The physical structure of virus cells made a great fill for the text mask, and it's an easily recognizable visual for students and ID professionals.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program

Here at Bloomberg (as we call it), I get the chance to write design and layout fact sheets on medically significant topics. I created these two to promote the residency program and the different masters level programs.